Brid​ging The Gap With a Father & Son Podcast

Dave Lee

When I tell people I have been podcasting with my father Steve, there are typically one of two responses – 1) That’s amazing! or 2) Wow, I could never do that! For me, it’s the former.

So, how did it all start? Back in 2007, Steve took a job five hours north of where his family was located. In an effort to stay connected, my brother Mike and I would log on to Skype to chat about the week, work, and family. Inevitably, the conversation drifted toward technology as Steve and Mike worked as IT Professionals. At some point in time, Steve hit record without us knowing and later sent the audio file saying, “Guys, I say we start a podcast!” The rest is history, and we’ve been podcasting together for ten years now.

Steve is a proud Air Force veteran, serving 21 years. I grew up watching my father receive several temporary duty assignments that displaced him from the family. Adding the typical demands of serving in the Armed Services, time was a bit limited with the family. Civilian life brought about a new challenge as he began running his own Internet service company and travelling worldwide with IBM. Despite that, the family always respected the call of duty and relished moments when we came together. As we have transitioned to our busier adult lives, podcasting every Monday night has become a very meaningful event for me. We have a genuine bond over our moments of recording. Knowing that every minute we record is a minute of time we spend together in some respects makes up for lost time. Not only do we debate, banter, and discuss technology, we also debate, banter, and discuss personal issues and podcasting ideas.

A major component of a successful relationship is vulnerability. In the case of podcasting with my father, we have seen each other at our lowest and our highest; at our worst and best; at our most excited and most stressed; and at our most creative and most stagnant. We openly share our philosophies on what works and what doesn’t. We openly critique each other’s ideas to create better content. Many focus on downloads and income when it comes to measuring the success of their podcast. My father and I have redefined that definition while podcasting. The process of growing our podcast together, building relationships, and honing our craft speak to our success. Because of that, our relationship has flourished.

Growing up, we hit the road in the family van and headed to Texas and Arizona. Those long drives are precious family memories. Our travels today have taken us to Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, and other destinations to attend and cover podcast and technology conferences. Steve’s incentive to hit record has created new memories that have been etched into our history books. With space between us and busy lives distracting us, we always find podcasting to be a common ground that binds us together.