What Podcasting Does For Me

Joseph Fanning, Host of the Potentium Podcast

Well, there are a few things. First, as all podcasters are, I am ego driven. I love the satisfaction of knowing that even if only ONE person is listening and being entertained, it’s worth it to me and to identify with them on that level. It’s a very personal experience as there is no live audience in front of you. People listen at different times, days, and for different reasons. Although a live audience may give you more of an immediate “rush” I happen to like the solitary, personal aspect of it all for the listener. Even if they’re in groups, it’s still like a local community to each “cell” Think of sports. There are plenty of fans of each particular team that don’t know each other, but they have a common bond.

Also, I suffer from bi polar disorder so this is a form of therapy for me as well. I can vent, get angry, be depressed, whatever…and it helps “cleanse” me mentally by putting it out there. It’s an audible diary of sorts. A purging. A way for me to not only release my tensions and concerns, but to satisfy my mental needs by knowing that people actually like hearing me do it. When you can turn a crippling illness into a positive in ANY way, it’s a victory to be sure. Especially if it benefits others as well as you.

It also brings my family closer together. By that I mean that when my brother and I do our show, (he is my co host) we obviously bond for that hour and a half to two hours, but we then have dinner with our mother afterward. My brother is an “out of sight, out of mind” type of person, and before the show, my mother wouldn’t see him as much. She hates the show, but loves that it brings her first born to the house more often. We also have relatives that live far away and when they hear us, they say it’s like sitting at the Thanksgiving dinner table or something.

Another thing is that it keeps me connected. I mean, I do a comedy oriented show, but it’s mostly a political/current events type show so it forces me to stay informed. As painful as it is to have to listen to Trump clips over and over before final production, I feel it makes me a better citizen as I am in the loop as far as news and politics go. Quite often along with mental illness is addiction. I was a drug addict for many years. I floated on the edge of society. Not caring what was happening in the country or the world so staying on top of things these days not only serves it’s purpose as far as the podcast and keeping me sharp, it also it reminds me of where I was. How I DIDN’T care because of my addiction, and no matter how frustrating it may be, it’s a positive and not a negative.

I also love the audience interaction. I have actually become friends with a few listeners. What’s great about that is how I can become a regular guy to them. They start out a little “starstruck” even though I’m a nobody, but If you admire someone and they have a public platform, it’s enticing to want to get to know them and be a little flustered upon initial contact. You become a part of their life as a result of their listening, and it makes their day when you actually just get down to Earth and talk to them. I have been on the other end of that spectrum as a fan who has met his “idols” and it’s pretty intense. I’m not on that same scale, but you get the point. I really don’t ever want to be “famous” but if I were, or to whatever degree it is, I’d love and take pride in truly connecting with as many listeners as I can on a personal level. To make someone’s day with a small gesture like a PM, email, phone call, social media interaction, or even having them as a guest on the show is such a great reward. They give me as much joy as I give them just by listening, identifying and laughing with me.

Doing this show does more for me than anyone can ever know.

Thank you for the opportunity to explain this angle of it as we don’t get to do that too often when we’re small time.


And remember…There is no good or evil. No light or dark…It’s all in you.