Podcasting as an Art Form

Josh Naaman

I’m new to podcasting, but I’m not new to creating. My name is Josh Naaman, and I just launched a podcast, video, and book series, at the end of 2017, called The Belief Books. I created every aspect of my project, over the last two years, from traveling to interview guests, designing the logo and branding, creating the website, writing and recording the music, and learning how to podcast. I have been a creator for many years, but podcasting is one of the only mediums I’ve ever worked in that combines almost every artistic skill I’ve developed.

This has all been a wonderful, challenging, and enlightening journey; one that led me to meet Alexander Laurin, and led me to write these words in his book. When I was a guest on his show, this past December, he asked me if I thought podcasting was an art form. The answer was so easy and, obviously, “yes,” to me. I hadn’t thought about that specific question until then, but I knew very easily that I was creating and participating in a new form of art. You should listen to that episode, but here, Alexander let me expand on that question.

First, the answer is easy because of how loose the term art is. If you think about it, we can call just about anything art. It’s inherently subjective. I didn’t want to reference a dictionary definition for this, but it makes sense to deconstruct what we have defined art to be, before answering the question at hand.

“[Art is] the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination...producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Have you ever listened to a podcast? How many different kinds have you listened to? If you have listened to even just a few different podcasts, I think you have a good idea of what potential is out there, and the many skills it can take to produce just one episode, if not hundreds.

I have only been producing podcasts for about a year, but I’ve been listening to them for many years, and now, more than ever. There’s vast talent, beauty, and emotional power in so many podcasts. From the visually stimulating episode, Colors, by Radiolab, to the suspenseful, investigative, two-part series, Long Distance, by ReplyAll, to the incredibly deep dissection of history, by Dan Carlin, to the socially provoking podcasts from Joe Rogan, Sam Harris, Seth Andrews, and Dave Rubin, podcasts are undoubtedly a diverse art form.