Alexander Laurin

Sales Executive Recruiter, Career & Life Coach, and the World's First Authentic Podcaster's Coach.

About the Author

Alexander Laurin shares his experience of personal reinvention, creating positive change, and living with purpose and fun, offering a recipe for success to aspiring podcast creators. Inside these covers are ideas on how to use the momentum of podcast creation to craft a new awareness of purpose, meaning, self-care and community. If podcast success is your dream, this book will help you achieve it!

Alexander Laurin is the Owner and Founder of Zencareers, a North American Executive Sales Staffing Firm. He is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Career Coach, and the world’s first authentic Certified Podcaster’s Coach, with a membership to the International Coaching Federation. Alexander has been in the recruitment industry since 2005 and has represented and partnered with some of the world’s largest software companies.

Alexander is at the forefront of life transformation within the podcast world. He delivers inspiration and life transformation strategies, and demonstrates the power of podcasting as a tool for success at speaking engagements across the globe.

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